Distinguished Lecturer Evaluation


The Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) Society is currently accepting applications for new Distinguished Lecturers (DL) for the Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP).  The DLP provides I&M chapters and technical events around the world with talks by experts on topics of interest and importance to the I&M community. Our lecturers are among the most qualified experts in their field. More details on the DLP can be found at: http://www.ieee-ims.org/education/distinguished-lecturers-program.

There will be a Distinguished Lecturer Evaluation at I2MTC 2013 in Minneapolis, MN. The Evaluation will take place at The Depot, in the Soo Line Room, on Tuesday, May 7, 10:15 am. This is a schedule change!!!!  Interested parties are encouraged to contact Kristen Donnell for more information.


To apply to serve as an IMS Distinguished Lecturer, please submit the following information to Kristen Donnell.


·         Proposal title


·         Presenter's name, affiliation, references


·         Abstract of the presentation topic (between 500 and 1000 words)


·         A biography from the presenter limited to 150 words


Please note that each evaluation presentation must be no longer than 12 minutes. Each candidate will be allowed 15 minutes total to present, including set-up of the presentation and a Q&A session. Presenters may use PowerPoint slides and may provide other visual aids, if so desired. Each speaker will be evaluated on his/her ability to convey the subject material, provoke interest in the subject in a broad audience of scientists, engineers, and students, and keep to the guidelines.


Please view the Distinguished Lecturer Program 2013 Call for Applications.